Paediatrics Department

in Mukherjee Hospital

Paediatrics is the medical branch in which the doctors treat children and infants in some cases for the betterment. A paediatrician helps a child to grow mentally and physically during their early years to ensure their overall development. It is one of the crucial medical departments and for that, we put immense care and concentration into treating these tender aged patients.

A Neonatologist provides suitable for infants and newborn babies. A Paediatric surgeon along with neonatologists perform minor or major operations on a child if it is necessary, We put the utmost care while treating a child and make sure everything gets completed hassle-free.

Some of the treatments that get treated in Mukherjee Hospital are –

  • ChickenPox.
  • Congenital issues.
  • Asthma.
  • Leukaemia etc.
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